A life of reading books

Tweet We as humans have a very limited knowledge of the world surrounding us. And the skewed out version of things we learn at school is either biased or only provides a single point of view with academic authority.

A life of reading books

Great literature increases knowledge of and desire for the good life by showing readers what virtue looks like and where vice leads.

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It is not just what one reads but how one reads that cultivates virtue. Reading good literature well requires one to practice numerous virtues, such as patience, diligence, and prudence.

And learning to judge wisely a character in a book, in turn, forms the reader's own character. Acclaimed author Karen Swallow Prior takes readers on a guided tour through works of great literature both ancient and modern, exploring twelve virtues that philosophers and theologians throughout history have identified as most essential for good character and the good life.

A life of reading books

In reintroducing ancient virtues that are as relevant and essential today as ever, Prior draws on the best classical and Christian thinkers, including Aristotle, Aquinas, and Augustine. Scott Fitzgerald, Prior explores some of the most compelling universal themes found in the pages of classic books, helping readers learn to love life, literature, and God through their encounters with great writing.

In examining works by these authors and more, Prior shows why virtues such as prudence, temperance, humility, and patience are still necessary for human flourishing and civil society. The book includes end-of-chapter reflection questions geared toward book club discussions, features original artwork throughout, and includes a foreword from Leland Ryken.

The Cardinal Virtues 1. The Great Gatsby by F. The Theological Virtues 5. Silence by Shusaku Endo 6. The Road by Cormac McCarthy 7. The Heavenly Virtues 8. Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton 9. Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan Persuasion by Jane Austen On Reading Well is both a love letter to literature and a handbook on virtue, wisdom, and the good life.

Each chapter delights, instructs, surprises, and captivates. Bound to be a classic, On Reading Well is an engrossing work that will appeal to book nerds and casual readers alike. Read it now, and you'll never take books for granted again.

She is a person who loves and has been shaped by great books and who loves and has been shaped by the richness of Scripture, a scholar whose writing exudes both warmth and conviction. This story-saturated engagement with the virtues is pragmatic enough to touch the nitty-gritty of our lives and imaginative enough to inspire.

Sacred Practices in Everyday Life "It sure seems like virtue is needed now more than ever. And what a treasure trove we have for encountering virtue in literature! Karen Swallow Prior is a lovely and wise guide.

Take this resplendent tour--read this book! Your life will be better for it. The world will be enriched for your yes and receptivity to it.

Thanks to Prior for using her beautiful talents to help us live as we were made to. If you are trying to love people, to work well, to find meaning in your life, this book is for you.

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Karen Swallow Prior guides us through the big questions from great books with wisdom, insight, creativity, and compassion. Whether you are a wizened literary scholar who can lecture through the canon or someone who only pretended to read Shakespeare in college and couldn't tell the difference between Dostoevsky and David Foster Wallace, you should read this book.

This is a significant and powerful work that will refocus discussion on the meaning of reading for spiritual formation.I strongly believe that reading, and educating yourself, is the answer to a better life.

On Reading Well | Baker Publishing Group In addition come scores of memoirs by friends, associates and exes, and explorations of every episode and facet you care to name — the Beatles and religion, when the Beatles met Elvis, the FBI and John Lennon — and even the odd critique of their music. John was not merely in love with Yoko, but mesmerised.

And ultimately, freedom. Nelson Mandela said it best: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Out of the hundreds of books I’ve read in my lifetime, I have a small.

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The river and the gauntlet: Defeat of the Eighth Army by the Chinese Communist forces, November, , in the Battle of the Chongchon River, Korea (Time reading program special edition).

Search the world's most comprehensive index of full-text books. My library. Reading is something that has had a huge influence over my life, second only to my parents and my faith in the amount of influence.

I started reading chapter books when I was 4 or 5, and since my parents didn't allow TV as a regular part of our.

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