Ang mga katangian ko na aking maipagmamalaki

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Ang mga katangian ko na aking maipagmamalaki

The delegation of different tasks between males and females. Give us feedback on this content: From the perspective of children, the family instills a sense of orientation: The family functions to locate children socially, and plays a major role in their socialization.

The family functions to produce and socialize children. In some cultures marriage imposes upon women the obligation to bear children. Family Background Matters From the perspective of children, the family is a family of orientation: From the point of view of the parents, the family is a family of procreation: The family functions to produce and socialize children Other Functions of the Family Producing offspring is not the only function of the family.


Marriage also establishes a joint fund of property for the benefit of children and can establish a relationship between the families of the husband and wife. Consequently, within the marriage bond are to be found the greatest possible contrasts between perfect happiness on one hand, and heart-rending disillusionment and anguish on the other.

In the first place, marriage is intended to provide security, both financial and emotional. Of the two types, emotional security is of greater importance to the integrity of the home.

It is the natural craving for emotional security that impels young men and women toward marriage. Many a single person would prefer to avoid the obligations and responsibilities implied in marriage were it not for a realization of the need of emotional security that comes from being able to confide in a husband or a wife and expect this partner to be partial and unprejudiced, as he or she shares the problems and anxieties of the moment.

The competitions of life are too strong and the jealousies too caustic to make it feasible or desirable to face life alone. Marriage provides a complementary self which serves as an emotional counter-balance.

Marriage should also provide emotional and financial security for the children who come into a home. When a child feels secure within his own home, his character and personality will develop symmetrically in spite of unfavourable external influences.

But if he is deprived of that security, his development is in great danger of being warped and distorted. The high incidence of delinquency among children who come from divided homes is tangible evidence of this need of security.

A third major function of marriage is to generate and distribute those ideals of personal responsibility and participation which provide the backbone of our civilization. The first step in accomplishing this function is the establishment of absolute fidelity between husband and wife.

When husband and wife are unquestionably true to each other, the influence of this healthy relationship not only permeates the home, providing a sense of security for each of its members, but radiates throughout the community and exerts a stabilizing influence within the entire circle of fiends.

A fourth major function of marriage, which is purposely placed last in the present list, deals with the perpetuation of the race. Too often this function is given pre-eminence as the outstanding function of marriage.

From a biological standpoint the point function of bringing children into being is primary. From the standpoint of maintaining happiness within the home, however, this function is so intimately bound up with the other functions that it cannot properly be treated independently.

Were the bearing of children to stand as the sole function of marriage, the marriage relation would fail miserably. On the other hand, a home without children is incomplete.

One of the factors that make marriage most interesting is that this relationship is never static. From youth to old age there is a progression of circumstances which challenges the adaptability and ingenuity of husband and wife at every turn.

The problems incident to sending children to college are quite different from those of early married life. The adjustment to the birth of a first child is quite a different matter from the adjustment which becomes necessary when the last child leaves home.

It is fortunate that life is lived in sequence, a day at a time. We will therefore follow the sequence, beginning with the choice of a marital partner and continuing on through the various phases of married life until we come to the period of mature years.

Ang mga katangian ko na aking maipagmamalaki

In our contemporary Western society, a family is a socially recognizable group. Bureau of the Census definition.Karlskrona Dating Tayo Song TJ Monterde - Dating Tayo Lyric. Gallery of Video "Karlskrona Dating Tayo Song" ( movies). Sa bawat pagkislap ng aking mga mata at ngiti sa aking labi,mababakas pa rin ang kalungkutan at panghihinayang na sana hindi ganoong ugali ang ipinakita ko sa kanya at alam ko na nasaktan ko siya dahil huli na ang lahat, wala na siya sa akin, balita ko may bago na siyang nililigawan at siguro isa sa mga araw na ito ay mapasagot niya.

Sa isang banda, inilagay ko sa aking isipan na hindi ko dapat pabayaan ang aking best friend dahil ngayon pa lang nagsisimula ang “tunay na buhay” ni Gilbert at ni Joy. Wala na silang dapat itago. Dec 04,  · Sa videong ito, ipapakita ko sainyo kung ano-ano nga ba ang kanilang ugali o katangian.

Im sure lahat kayo ay nakaka encounter ng ganitong teacher, guro o prof. Meron ka bang alam na ugali o. Sunong ng ina ang gulay na ipanreregalo sana sa padre upang patawarin na ang mga anak, at sabihin ang balak ng anak.

“nilulunggati ko ang iyong kalusugan, na kalusugan din namin, at hinahanap ang pinakamabuting paglunas.” font-size: pt; mso-bidi-font-family: MyriadPro-Regular;">Una sa dami ng aking kilala taglay ang di-mabigkas.

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