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Essays on Sylvia Plath Edited by Anita Helle Fresh perspectives that provide new readings of the life and work of one of our most celebrated poets Description "Up to the minute and also deeply historicizedeach reading of Plath's poems is grounded in and examines larger patterns in her work or in the cultural reception of her writing. In the past decade alone, Plath has been the subject of a new cultural explosion of interestthere have been novels, a feature film, and an array of public conferences, performances, and exhibitions, creating new conversations among different generations of scholars and readers. But because the posthumous record was incompleteand in some cases, alteredthe variety of distinctive materials Plath brought to her poetry has only recently been understood. The publication of Plath's Unabridged Journals, a "restored edition" of her Ariel poems, and Ted Hughes's Birthday Letters, along with fresh attention to archives of periodical and popular culture, have provoked new readings of Plath and shed new light on her creative life and art.

Archives of ophthalmology photo essay

Both genetic and environmental factors may be involved in its development. AMD also steals the ability to see fine detail, colors and the faces of loved ones. AMD is the leading cause of irreversible blindness and vision impairment in people over age 50 in the United States and the western world.

AMD has caused visual impairment in an estimated 1.


Research indicates that AMD could reach epidemic proportions in the next decade due to the general aging of the population. While AMD is most common in people over age 60, symptoms can develop in the 40s and 50s. AMD is particularly prevalent in the Southwest, with its large retired population.

More than 1 million Arizonans were age 50 or older inand by they will number more than 2 million, according to the Arizona Department of Economic Security. National Eye Institute, The percentage of Americans affected by AMD increases dramatically with increasing age.

AMD causes significant visual impairment in 7.

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Archives of Ophthalmology ; Currently, there is no cure for AMD, and treatments are very limited. Finding the cause of AMD is our challenge, and research is the only hope for the future. The Department has a strong commitment to research and clinical care. Our researchers collaborate with UA molecular geneticists and biologists and with laser scientists in the UA optical sciences program.

A program for research and clinical treatment of AMD satisfies all three goals of the UA mission statement: As new technologies and techniques are developed, community physicians will be given access to the equipment and training to enable them to implement more advances.

The Advisory Group will include local and national physicians and scientists who may offer fresh perspectives on developing technology.

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Program Endowment Stemming the tide of the AMD epidemic requires building a world class research team. The Southwest AMD Research Program already has recruited several experts, including specialists in retinal cell biology, ophthalmic optics, engineering and ophthalmology.

Our goal is to create an endowment to sustain funding and permit long-range planning. The necessary funds will be raised from private sources, in particular, those most likely to benefit from the development of new treatments. Donations of all sizes, including planned gifts, major gifts, restricted and unrestricted gifts, will be utilized to increase knowledge of AMD and to provide the best possible vision care.

Archives of ophthalmology photo essay

To make a tax-deductible contribution, please make your check payable to: UA Foundation, Ophthalmology Department.Aja Carter, a Ph.D. candidate in paleontology, builds robots based on fossilized animals that crawled out of the sea about million years ago.

Sep 27,  · Keep current and stay engaged with Topics in Ophthalmology, a new blog brought to you by the editors of JAMA Ophthalmology. Ophthalmology is a visual science in more ways than one.

Its proper practice may depend more on detection of distinctive visual images and on recognition of characteristic visual patterns than does any other medical specialty. A Case of Eye Worm. Search the site GO.


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Urban Legends Rumors & Hoaxes In the News Anterior Orbital Myiasis Caused by Human Botfly Archives of Ophthalmology, July Human Botfly (Dermatobia hominis) NASA Photo of the "Eye of God" in Space.

Conducting research can be challenging, but the good news is that it is a skill that can be developed. While the principles of research apply to most archives, there are some differences from place to place.

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