Cosmetic surgery what to consider essay

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Cosmetic surgery what to consider essay

Cosmetic surgery what to consider essay

Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you. Any type of essay. Due to the fact that cosmetic surgery may lack a therapeutic purpose, it has been considered as less significant with respect to other interventions with the intent to cure or rehabilitate.

Over the years, cosmetic surgery Cosmetic surgery what to consider essay reached a substantial equivalence to other fields of medicine. This step has mainly occurred due to the affirmation of a wider notion of health, which also includes the psychological well-being of individuals, and therefore leads to the recognition of a therapeutic function for cosmetic surgery.

The request for an intervention that aims at improving the physical and psychological well-being of the person, therefore, cannot be labeled as a heteronomous evaluation, but needs to be considered as an expression of the full and conscious self-determination of the person.

Argumentative Essay 'Against Cosmetic Surgery'

Change to the reflected image in the mirror modifies self-perception in relation to others. Plastic surgery as a discipline thus responds to a complex quest for complete psychophysical well-being.

Surgical techniques allow, in fact, the adjustment of a healthy body to fit the standards of contemporary society. This imposes two major necessities: A full understanding of the desires of the patient, who is aware and fully accepting of the risks related to the surgical procedure; An understanding that every surgical procedure itself, although it may be modified, cannot be reversed, and in fact results in permanent physical altercation with enduring marks scars that cannot be completely eliminated.

Beauty and truth The evaluation of beauty has always been based on the pursuit of specific criteria dictated by society, which enforce the predominance of a beauty ideal that meets strict aesthetic standards for age, skin color, and body proportions.

However, the ideal needs to be adapted and framed for the individual diversity that characterizes every person. Though plastic surgery has always sought out and valued natural beauty, what has changed in modern times is the very concept of simplicity, which is more and more dependent on the constraints imposed by the culture of fashion and media.

A subject with a positive self-perception, a satisfactory sense of self, and a greater feeling of self-esteem is not inclined to turn to a plastic surgeon. A subject with a negative self-perception, on the other hand, will identify one or more defects and will therefore try to correct them by resorting to plastic surgery.

Patients who experience discomfort perceive their suffering as dependent on negative factors. The absence of positive thinking, in this case, is influenced by their social reality and the environment surrounding patients.

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The patient develops suffering through several stages: The medical profession itself can be considered a calling equivalent to service that can be summarized in the value statement: I work, and I need you, as a patient.

Thus it is fundamental to focus on both the approach and the surgical treatment, in purely aesthetic and reconstructive dimensions, while always considering carefully any psychological and physical suffering.

Research objectivity correlates with the diagnostic hypothesis and the valid experience of the patient by implementing, if necessary, a medical-surgical procedure that will reflect the epistemological framework of medicine as a science.

It is up to the doctor to develop a plan of action that discerns beauty from simple subjective liking, always trying to make clear to patients the idea that, in respect to their innermost truth, it will lead to a greater awareness of their choices.

If this approach results in the correction of a physical defect, such as following a surgical, oncological, or even traumatic event, the medical procedure will be oriented toward an intervention to be ascribed more properly to the sphere of reconstructive surgery.

If the request is to transform physical appearance, surgery, if recommended, has a secondary role compared to the multidisciplinary action needed to correct the pathology in its complexity. The central point of our discussion is the request for an improvement in physical appearance.

This condition requires a careful evaluation of psychological state in relation to a possible approach to aesthetic surgery. If the request is for an improvement in physical appearance, we can distinguish whether or not it has been made by a patient of sound mind.

In this case, the role of the physician is critical in discerning whom we are dealing with. After clearly assessing the mental balance of the patient, the doctor will discuss the limitations and possibilities with the patient, as well as the cost-benefit ratio related to the surgery.Plastic Surgery Essay - Have you ever considered having plastic surgery.

After reading this paper you might want the surgery or you might not. Plastic surgery, a form of art, can reconstruct your body and renew your confidence but can you accept the risks involved. May 03,  · I have to write an argumentative essay against cosmetic surgery. Could someone please look if there are mistakes (grammar mistakes, vocabulary mistakes, logical mistakes), if the text is well-structured, if everything in the text is formal?

Cosmetic Surgery Essays. by hwabatte Thank you for reading my cosmetic surgery essay. I hope to receive comments from all of you. If possible, please score my essay based on IELTS Writing Scale. Thank you people be allowed to have cosmetic surgery before the age of 18?

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