Disadvantages of arts

Music can be pleasant, relaxing and exciting; it boosts mood, eases tension and awakens consciousness. It's an example of the "false-alarm" thrill we enjoy after surviving a seemingly bad experience:

Disadvantages of arts

Print Email I had a great time in art school. I have no regrets with getting my degree in fine art. It had a great effect on the direction of my art, and helped me develop my personal style.

Disadvantages of arts

But with every good thing, there seems to always be bad points. In some ways art school did not live up to my expectations. It was only about creating art, and selling art was not discussed. I think young artists should make an informed decision on whether an art education is right for them.

Do you think the cost and time away from creating your own art will be worth it?

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Are you willing to take the good with the bad and stick it out to the end? Do you want to possibly develop and grow as an artist faster than you could by going at it alone?

If you have not read the counterpoint to this article yet, please do so before moving on: These are some disadvantages of art school from my personal experience which you should know about before making your choice.

Bad art teachers There is nothing worse than being stuck with bad teachers, especially if you are looking to get a quality art education. Every art school seems to have at least one or two who make the entire art school experience an unpleasant one.

Some go into teaching having a negative outlook against upcoming artists. Because of their failure to be accepted in the art world, they sometimes push this negativity onto students.

These teachers often pick their favorites, and criticize the artists who are filled with talent. I had certain art teachers who had such a negative impact on me that I stayed away from the art world for awhile after finishing art school.

You will be expected to conform. This is very ironic actually. One would expect that artists would have more freedom in an art school environment.

Quite to the contrary in my experience. One of my professors actually stated once that in the art school environment we had to play by their rules. There were certain things that were spurned upon by art teachers. One of them was selling art — although some sold pieces while in college, they were often criticized.

Another was that we were expected to abide by certain styles. A certain professor expected paintings to be expressive and show texture. You will have to start from the very beginning.

At my art school, even experienced artists had to start out with basic design courses. There was no painting at all in first year.Investing in art and collectibles has the potential to lead to a big payday, but it's often a difficult road.

Oct 25,  · The Pros and Cons of Attending an Art School. By Contributor October 25, Share! Of course, there are a lot of great things about attending a Magnet Art School, but, believe me, there are plenty of cons, too.

The Cons. The Egotists—Certain people let their awesomeness go to their heads. Of course, having your name printed. Advantages vs. Disadvantages of Being an EU Member The European Union purpose is to eliminate barriers for the movement of materials, labor and goods on the continent.

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She is the author of ArtsyShark, a blog geared toward emerging artists, which includes articles on business, marketing, networking and inspiration. Her real-life experience includes founding and managing a handmade jewelry studio for over twenty years, selling both retail and wholesale.

Artist employment is largely impacted by the amount of charity that goes toward the arts. Unfortunately, the BLS reports that the number of charitable donations has been declining in recent years. In spite of this, interest in the occupation has remained steady and led to a larger pool of qualified candidates.

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