Disadvantages of smoking tobacco

There are no safe substances in any tobacco products, from acetone and tar to nicotine and carbon monoxide. They can affect your entire body. Smoking can lead to a variety of ongoing complications in the body, as well as long-term effects on your body systems. While smoking can increase your risk of a variety of problems over several years, some of the bodily effects are immediate.

Disadvantages of smoking tobacco

Even if many people know about this fact, they smoke tobacco. Tobacco smoking means not only the chewing tobacco.

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Cigarettes are also made of tobacco and when you smoke a cigarette, you burn tobacco. Tobacco is sticky in nature and brown in color.

Tobacco smoking has also some advantages but the disadvantages of tobacco smoking are very high and so it is necessary to avoid tobacco smoking.

For developing several health problems such as lung cancer, emphysema and cardiovascular disease, smoking is a major factor according to medical research. A stimulant, nicotine is present in tobacco smoke that forms a strong physical and psychological chemical addiction.

Disadvantages of Smoking Cigarettes

Nicotine can be as addictive as heroin or cocaine, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Nicotine has been classified as a class I insecticide. It has vasoconstrictor and a nerve toxin property. When tobacco smoke is inhaled into the lungs, the addiction of tobacco smoke is undeniably strongest.

It is proven by several studies that nicotine typically gets eliminated from the body within 2 to 3 days. However, it is also proven that physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms of tobacco smoke may last for much longer.

Tobacco contains over chemicals of which are identified poisons and 63 are known carcinogens. Nicotine is one of the most dangerous substances in tobacco. Other dangerous substances present in tobacco are: From tobacco-related causes, a person dies every 10 seconds.

The average smoker starts by age 15, and is a daily smoker by age If every person who died that year from tobacco use had lived to their average life expectancy, then more than five million years of life could have been saved each year.

Almost 90 percent of adult took smokes their first puff at or before the age of Cigarette smoking accounted for 2.

Disadvantages of smoking tobacco

Advertisement Disadvantages of tobacco use: Stains the teeth and is bad for dental care. Tobacco is linked up with certain disease such as diabetes, vision problems, ulcers and back pain. Respiratory as well as circulatory problems can develop due to smoking.

Children suffer from the secondhand smoke that is let out by smokers. It contains harmful chemicals, which are bad for health. Tobacco contains carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen as well as nitrogen.

Early menopause, osteoporosis, fertility and menstrual problems are also some of the negative effects of tobacco usage. Tobacco contains Hydrogen Cyanide, which damages the lung-clearing system.

Blindness is also another effect of smoking. People can suffer from cardiovascular diseases by smoking, as nicotine is bad for health. Nicotine in tobacco is addictive. It causes high blood pressure, increase in heart rate and slows down circulation. Deaths occur due to use of tobacco.

Nicotine affects appetite, thus causing hyperglycemia. Tobacco smoking health effects: Tobacco smoking health effects are not only associated with the direct tobacco smoking but also with passive smoking, inhalation of environmental or secondhand tobacco smoke.

Thousands of chemicals get into your bloodstream and travel throughout your body when tobacco smoke is inhaled.

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Different parts of the body are damaged with this chemical. For all cancers associated with the larynx, oral cavity and esophagus, smoking is a risk factor.The Effects of Smoking on the Body Medically reviewed by Judith Marcin, MD on May 9, — Written by Ann Pietrangelo and Kristeen Cherney No matter how you smoke it, tobacco is dangerous to.

It is a known fact that tobacco smoking has many disadvantages. Medical research has found that smoking is a major factor for developing several health problems such as lung cancer, emphysema, and cardiovascular disease.

It is clear that the disadvantages of smoking far outweigh any perceived advantages. While there is a cost associated with quitting, over time the damage smoking had done to the body can reverse itself if a person ceases tobacco use.

Tobacco smoking has also some advantages but the disadvantages of tobacco smoking are very high and so it is necessary to avoid tobacco smoking. For developing several health problems such as lung cancer, emphysema and cardiovascular disease, smoking is a .

Disadvantages to Your Family.

CDC - Fact Sheet - Health Effects of Cigarette Smoking - Smoking & Tobacco Use

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that an estimated , Americans die every year from smoking-related diseases, including those indirectly affected.

How Tobacco Smoke Causes Disease: The Biology and Behavioral Basis for Smoking. Jun 06,  · Disadvantages of Smoking Cigarettes. June 6, by Lindsay Patton-Carson.

We all know there are many disadvantages to smoking. Cigarette packs themselves have a surgeon general’s warning about the dangers of smoking.

Probably the biggest risk to smokers is lung cancer, but there are many more disadvantages to smoking than that.

Disadvantages of Smoking Cigarettes