Hilton in travel and tourism 2010

Trends and Factors Hilton Hotel.

Hilton in travel and tourism 2010

Product distribution is a critically important function of Hilton International. Information technologies, such as computerised reservations systems and video brochures, assist hotels in marketing and distributing their bed-nights. For Hilton, the employment of information technologies to link together their front-office, back-office and off and beverage departments may be necessary for the efficient and cost-effective delivery of their services.

However, it will not be sufficient to guarantee the sale of hotel bed-nights. Without links to international marketing and distribution networks, hotel bed-nights cannot be sold. Reservations are a key to the sale of hotel bed-nights.

Reservation systems, depending on the software and sophistication, contain information and generate various reports on rooms availability, cancellations, etc. In addition, the database can generate forecasts on expected arrivals, departures and rooms sold. Information contained in, and generated by, hotel reservation systems is an invaluable source of marketing information and can generate mailing lists, client profiles and preferences.

It can also monitor hotel performance through the development and processing of guest questionnaires. Reservation systems also allow hotels to carry out travel-agency and tour-operator analyses in order to determine which agencies and operators consistently generate business for the hotels.

There are two principal areas in which information technologies are helping hotels to improve their communications in their internal inter-departmental communications and in their external links with agents, suppliers, reservation systems and data networks.

The internal inter-departmental links of the hotel are facilitated by computers and communications technologies, which serve to integrate the front-office, back office and food-beverage operations.

This is facilitated through computer-to-computer communications. Cooper and et al. Communications technologies used by Hilton International include digital telephone systems, teleconferencing, satellite broadcasting, videotext and audiovisual information tools, image communication and various communication networks for reservations and communications.

Telephone systems used at Hilton Hotels have been substantially improved to incorporate features such as call accounting systems. Automatic call-accounting systems now help to transform their telephone calls into important profit centres of the hotels.

As marketing technique, for instance, hotels can offer long-distance telephone calls at discount rates to their guests and still find it profitable. Rooming lists, arrivals, stay-overs, extended stays, departures and room preferences can all be handled by room-management systems. Electronic data interchange EDI is an open and essentially cooperative technological infrastructure.

While it is possible to gain short-term competitive advantage from embracing EDI ahead of competing organisations, it is now generally accepted that there is no scope within the inter-organisational system for the kinds of barriers to competition suggested by the work of Porter and other.

Large hotel chains, as Hilton Hotels Group, have considerably more ability to control the way in which they implement EDI.

Hilton in travel and tourism 2010

Many companies tend to view EDI merely as a way of transmitting formatted data across organisational boundaries.

The integration of computers and communication technologies allows hotels to control their internal operations and external operations from a single integrated management system.

Kandampully and Duddy, ; Allen and Fjermestad, This comprehensive system of information management can become a very powerful toll for wealth creation for the hotel industry. With a comprehensive system in place all levels of management are supposed to be involved in it and to depend on it to inform most decision-making.

It is generally accepted that IT and Internet should be treated as strategic tools than tactical issues, and as concerns of general management. Senior management of the hotel chain must drive the process which determines the extent and direction of business re-engineering and take responsibility for the implementation of the plan.

Additionally, technology cannot be considered as acting alone. It is a product of society; it is also part of a larger environment in which other forces are at work. We rely on information itself, not necessarily its facilitating mechanisms, to assist decision making and guide actions.

It is important to be knowledge base, so that to find a use of information.

IT and Internet's Impact on Tourism and Hospitality Industry: Implementations of technologies for Hilton Hotels Group. Information for students and teachers of our BTEC Nationals in Travel and Tourism (), including key documents and the latest news. Hilton and BRG Discuss Travel and Tourism Growth with Vietnam Prime Minister Hilton CEO and BRG Chairwoman meet with His Excellency .

Internet provides unprecedented and affordable opportunities for the global representation and marketing for both large and small tourism suppliers and for hotel operators as Hilton Hotels Group.

In an e-commerce marketing strategy it is important to remember that information is now its own viable product.Welcome to the Hilton Garden Inn Warner Robins hotel, conveniently located near Robins Air Force Base and within walking distance to restaurants and shopping.

Our room hotel in Warner Robins, GA is just blocks from the Galleria Mall and dining choices, including Olive . President Ramaphosa of South Africa is a “travel and tourism job creation champion” for his ambition to double the number of people employed in the sector, according to Gloria Guevara, president of the World Travel & Tourism Council.

Hilton is one of the largest hotel brands in the world, The Hilton Hotel is in the private sector because it is there to make a lausannecongress2018.com company places marketing emphasis on both leisure and business travel with locations in major city centers, near airports, convention centers, and a number of vacation resorts and leisure-oriented hotels in popular vacation destinations around the world.

Accommodation The accommodation industry is an important component of UK travel and tourism.

Hilton in travel and tourism 2010

It includes all types of accommodation that people use for leisure or business tourism and visiting friends and relatives, such as city-centre hotels, motels, farm guesthouses, country house hotels and self-catering cottages.

The Hilton Hotel is an organisation within the private sector, they want to make lots of profit by selling things like meals, room service or even expanding your business to .

Nov 18,  · An excerpt from the Why Study Languages DVD - In this motivational video, TV chef Simon Rimmer interviews Tom Scholes-Fogg, Front of House Assistant at the Hilton Hotel in .

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