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Arguments against the legalisation of prostitution on the feminist grounds that 'violation is a synonym for intercourse' Dworkin not only deny men's involvement in male prostitution, but as Jo Bindman and Jo Doezema argue in Redefining Prostitution as Sex Work on the International Agenda, "The designation of prostitution as a special human rights issue, a violation in itself, emphasises the distinction between prostitution and other forms of female or low-status labour It thus reinforces the marginal, and therefore vulnerable, position of the women and men involved in prostitution. By dismissing the entire sex industry as abusive, it also obscures the particular problems and violations of international norms within the industry which are of concern to sex workers. It also means that the police frequently fail to take action to help the significant minority among prostitutes who really are victims of slavery.

Pro prostitution advantages prostitution

Reuters Drug legalization could reduce government costs and raise tax revenues, but opponents worry over health and social ills State governments facing massive fiscal deficits might consider a rather unusual way to alleviate those debts — through the legalization of drugs like marijuana and thereby ending the costly drug war.

In a study for the Cato Institute, Jeffrey A. Just as important, drug legalization would translate into higher tax revenues generated by the sale of these newly-legalized products in the open commercial marketplace.

Marijuana is already believed to be the nation's number one cash crop, exceeding the combined value of wheat and corn. Pot is also the leading cash crop in at least a dozen states, including California and North Carolina. In fact, this November, California voters will consider a ballot initiative — Proposition 19 — to legalize marijuana in the state inCalifornia had passed a law to legalize medical marijuana.

The budgetary implications of legalization would exceed those of decriminalization for three reasons, Miron and Waldock stated. Third, legalization allows taxation of drug production and sale.


Of course, opponents of drug legalization argue that passage of the ballot would increase crime and ultimately worsen peoples' health, rendering legalization a danger to public safety, offsetting the potential economic gains.

For example, The California Peace Officers Association, among many others, have criticized the initiative. The last thing we need is yet another mind-altering substance to be legalized, says John Lovell, a lobbyist for the California Peace Officers' Association, told Time Magazine. We have enough problems with alcohol and abuse of pharmaceutical products.

Do we really need to add yet another mind-altering substance to the array? The California Chamber of Commerce has also expressed its opposition to the legalization of marijuana, citing that drug users will not be able to perform at work and that passage could create a new class of protected California citizens.

Pro prostitution advantages prostitution

California will not see a single positive result if Proposition 19 passes, Feinstein said in a statement. It is a poorly constructed initiative that will cause harm to Californians on our roadways, and in our schools, workplaces and communities. Meno noted however that proponents of drug legalization in California are not necessarily seeking to imitate the Amsterdam, Holland model.

Alexandra Datig, a political activist, business consultant and prominent opponent to drug legalization, said: We must not allow the marijuana activists to sell us on the idea that intoxicating California with marijuana is somehow going to help our productivity, make our schools safer, our communities stronger and our lives healthier.

Indeed, many anti-legalization advocates say that use of marijuana often leads young people to experiment with harder drugs. Meno points out that with respect to medical marijuana which is legal in fourteen states and D.

One of the perhaps unexpected opponents of the initiative are some marijuana growers themselves who worry that legalization will hurt the quality of marijuana available to the public and hurt the nascent marijuana industry that already exists in California. Growers in this area worry that legalized pot will reduce the value of their cash crop — placing the region's economy at some risk.

In addition, they fear that legalization might result in large corporations — perhaps big tobacco or large agribusinesses -- taking over the market, driving out the small-scale growers.

Ironically, the legalization of marijuana might actually hurt most those who depend on it for their current livelihood and espouse its consumption.

The battle over Proposition 19 will apparently be very close, according to polls.Debate over the benefits of homework explored with pro and con research. Supporting evidence from studies, reports, and expert opinions on academic achievement, social inequalities, and the advantages and disadvantages of homework.

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The Pros and Cons of Legalizing Prostitution. The advantages and disadvantages of legal prostitutes and morality. A Guide for the Survival of Humankind and Helping the World, Society, and Yourself. Prostitution occurs in various forms: ‘window’ and street prostitution, clubs, escort agencies and home-based prostitution.

‘Window’ prostitution occurs in 12 cities in the Netherlands. It is estimated that on average some 2, prostitutes are engaged daily in this form of prostitution. Legalized prostitution and human trafficking go together. They do not have to. Human trafficking is not a natural feature of legalized prostitution, but is the consequence of badly regulated prostitution and surprising ignorance regarding other means of fighting trafficking.

Sativex, an oral spray derived from the active chemicals in marijuana, has already been approved in Canada, New Zealand, and several European counties.

Katelyn Brimhall. Research Paper. The practice of prostitution in the United States is as polarizing an issue as any other, but with approximately one million prostitutes here and 45 million worldwide; it is a substantive one that society needs to evaluate seriously regarding its legitimization.