Psy 322 case study analysis

For clarification and assistance, please consult a psychology advisor. Different special topics courses may be counted as different things; e. All course selections should be made in consultation with the departmental advisor. All departmental required courses and at least two departmental elective courses must be taken on the Spelman College campus, unless special permission is granted by the department chair to do otherwise.

Psy 322 case study analysis

PSY Course Material - psydotcom - Path Conference It is not required but you may use the nine-step model. You must identify and define the problem, and apply a robust problem-solving process.

PSY Human and Spiritual Integration Is a seminar in contemporary psychology and Christian Humanism emphasizing the intimate and dynamic correlation of nature and grace. An interdisciplinary approach is designed to critically examine contemporary issues and areas of concern.

Psychological perspectives on being human such as development, personality, motivation, value, psychopathology, addiction, and therapeutic interventions will be brought into dialogue with theological perspectives on human beings such as finitude, human nature, conversion, holiness, growth, vocation, and spirituality.

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The primary focus will be on developing skills for practical understanding and application. These three separate, yet integrated areas will be explored in the context of the counseling relationship. Topics may include an awareness of issues faced in marriages and by families, therapeutic interventions dealing with the issues and problems marriages and families face, issues of gender equality and differences as they influence marriage and family, healthy and unhealthy approaches to religion and how both affect therapeutic intervention, and a presentation of models of psychological intervention, specific treatment issues, and techniques from multiple theoretical orientations that can be utilized when working with religiously-committed clients.The study of the mind can be applied in almost limitless ways, making the psychology major applicable to a variety of fields and disciplines.

Psy 322 case study analysis

At Albright College, you take both theoretical and applied courses that convey essential knowledge as well as laboratory skills, preparing you for a multitude of careers.

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PSY Introduction to Psychology (3) Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. The content focuses on the exploration of major theories and concepts, methods, and research findings in psychology.

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