Us101 week 2

Monday, October 08, Latest news US employment non-farm payrolls rose byin September, in line with forecasts. But the unemployment rate fell from 8. The average workweek was unchanged but hourly earnings rose by 0.

Us101 week 2

Its been a while since ive logged in due to the nature of my busy life. I am currently working with a bunch of whores Yep, thats what we call people who have been tainted by the FAD of being a call center agent.

Like in every company, Language training is a must! My week in US in Teleperformance is quite dramatic. I mean, everything started well and then "PUFF" a statement or two changed the ambiance of the training room.

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Well, it didnt really matter for me, but I guess the diversity of the class was a major factor for it. Fortunately, It didnt take too much time for things to get fixed and Im quite shocked as how mutual things came into being pretty fast, 2 days!

Im glad at how things came up. Here's a quick overview The great thing about working in this industry is the fact that it is composed of diverse people coming from all sorts of life. Considering we came from all walks of life, each one of us have different opinions, characteristics, threshold onto anything even.

Considering we are all call center whores who came from other centers, we are all like a cup half-full. We are already half baked and we may have preferences in almost everything associated with the industry.

This is how things went with my current trainer, Miss Rio Lambuson. Like my previous trainer in Teletech, Miss Marie Tamparong, They are both talkative, big, lovely ladies who used to live in the United States of America. I could say both have strong personalities and are as jolly as ever.

She never had the time to adjust for us. My team may have taken our trainer's personality too seriously and made a fuss about it.

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I understand their part and it really is something to look at as it may have been too much for them to take. No one may have even understood Miss Rio. It was all about the cruel thing we call FEAR. Anyway, something happened and it would be a lie if i dont admit the truth of the matter that things became teary.

Im quite glad at how our trainer handled the class despite the fact that she felt back stabbed when the class reacted against her. She was very professional and humble This is something I would never forget.

With this remark, I could say Miss Rio changed the class, and the class may have changed Miss Rio as well.

Us101 week 2

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Crews will continue working on driving pile for another week.

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Once pile driving is complete crews will work on removing the closed portion of the old structure. One lane, two way traffic will be controlled by a temporary signal or flaggers at all times. The work to be completed under this contract consists of the following, located on the Powers Highway OR , Mile Point , Coos County, OR: 1.

Us101 week 2

Install Temporary Workzone Traffic Control. 32 2 11 24 2 Avg. # of 32 10 26 2 Openings per month Boat Rebuilt: Rebuilt: Year Built week Speed of train in Port Area 10 mph US Author: liufauy.

US - the 1, mile long, iconic highway that runs along the west coast of the United States, from downtown LA to the Olympic Peninsula. Post anything pertaining to the communities this highway serves, the highway itself, and the experience of traveling lausannecongress2018.comibers: View Homework Help - US WEEK 2 Effective Time Management Worksheet from US week6 at University of Phoenix.

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